Guest Comments

April 2018, guests on Extasea wrote:

Thank you so, so much for an amazing week aboard Extasea2.   It exceeded any and all expectations.   The food was delicious, like eating in a 5 star restaurant at every meal.     The snorkeling was amazing and every view breathtaking!   Most of all you made us fee so comfortable at the get go.

We will be back!!

Thank you for everything

Jim & Dora Morley,

Costa Mesa, Calif.

Aug 11, 2017, guest on Extasea wrote:

A vacation that can’t be beat.

My job requires  that I travel quite a bit.   So, I have had a chance to see a good part of the world and vacation as frequently as I am able to.   There is no trip I have taken that even approaches this one.   I spend a week on Extasea with Mike Lesley, and my 14 year old son on a “boys” trip before high school starts.   Mike and Lesley are 2 of the most welcoming, lovely people you could ever hope to meet.   Within a day on the boat you feel like family.   Lesley could be a chef  at a 5 star restaurant anywhere if that is what she desired – every meal was incredible and was tailored exactly to our tastes.   Mike is a fantastic captain, who enjoys sharing his knowledge of sailing (and letting you participate if you want to learn).   He is always looking to make each day what you want it to be as guests….we changed our itinerary 3 times during the week as the vacation moved along and Mike didn’t mind a bit.   You can make this a “relaxing, lounge on a boat” vacation to one with kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, tubing, knee boarding, scuba diving (Mike is a dive master and knows the dive sites in the BVI very well) etc., or anywhere in between.   My son and I walked on the boat knowing how unique this vacation was going to be.   We walked off feeling like we had made 2 close friends who gave us the vacation of a lifetime.

For us, its not a matter of “if” we will go again….its just a matter of “when”

Jonraap, Salt Lake City, Utah

May 5, 2017, Sharon Piper wrote:


Mike and Lesley were tremendous in their hospitality and friendliness.   We sailed the BVI’s with them for a week and it was truly a memorable trip.   Lesley is a fabulous cook….we all went home a little heavier…. and Mike was the nicest host.   You wanted for nothing on board during the entire trip.   We had a great time snorkeling/diving, the cat is fully equipped, and the accommodations were spectacular.   We sailed many times down in the BVI’s and we will certainly go back and spend some time on Extasea with the 2 of them.

Sharon Piper, Long beach, Calif.

Mid-April, 2017, guests on catamaran Extasea said:

We had a brilliant time, it really was a very special holiday. We all loved it, including the boys, and at 16 and 13, that is not always an easily done! They really put Mike’s tender through its paces with endless wakeboarding etc.  Mike and Lesley were absolutely great, very relaxed and perfect hosts. Lesley’s food was wonderful and Mike was just great and so patient with our endless activities. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Best Wishes,


Feb 17, 2017 – Guests on EXTASEA  Kim W wrote:

The customer service/meals we received the entire duration of our vacation was exemplary.    Mike and Lesley welcomed us into their home and were an integral part of how well our vacation was, they never made us feel we were in their way, or were asking too much.  They got to know us as people and shared their family stories as well.   Lesley is an outstanding cook, the food was amazing and Mike was a great captain getting us to so many of the best locations within our 5 days.   Mike has a great music library and isn’t afraid to turn up the volume and have some fun!   Lesley brought us snacks at just the right time and both of them were laid back, yet on top of every detail at the same time.   Ask Mike to make you a margarita, he makes a mean one!!

It was truly the most fun and relaxing vacation of my life.   Worth every Penny!!   Id do it every year if I could.   I miss Lesley already!!

Book this trip now!! You wont regret it.

Kim W, North Reading, Massachusetts


Jan 3, 2017

Fabulous New Year at Sea!  This was our second time on Extasea and for obvious reasons it won’t be our last.   Mike and Lesley do a superb job in seeing that everything is perfect down to the last detail.

Lesley handled the menu and prepared goumet quality meals all while Mike handled the diving and recreation.   Libations were as requested and plentiful.

The only disappointment is when the trip ends as once you’re there you  wish it could go on forever.   From first class accommodations to beautiful scenery this is an experience not to be missed.

TScott, Knoxville, Tennessee

20 January, 2017 quest wrote :

A Perfect Vacation in every way possible

We were a small group of two couples who spent a week aboard the EXTASEA sailing around the BVI.   Our hosts Mike and Lesley made us feel welcome immediately and were an absolute pleasure.   Mike’s exceptional sailing and nautical experience made us feel safe both day and night.   Lesley is an excellent chef who amazed us three times a day with her delicious and well presented meals.   Together, their hospitality and suggestions on where to go and what to do made our week in paradise even better.

The BVI is gorgeous, the weather wonderful, and you cannot beat the beautiful colors of the Caribbean.   Sailing on Extasea, snorkeling, and exploring the islands for a week in January was perfect in every way.   Highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a beautiful and relaxing vacation aboard a boat with delightful hosts.

Nancy F, Colorado.

Forget the Cruise Ships – This is a Great Vacation

Jul 23, 2016 – Guest on Extasea wrote:

We have done several cruise ship and this was the first time sailing in a smaller environment.   I don’t think we can ever go back on a Cruise Ship again.   Captain Mike and his wife Lesley are the best and are lovely people to be around.   The food Lesley made for us was first class.   On top of sailing we went fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling everyday, SUPboarding, wake boarding and lots of good eating!  We went island hoping and a lot of relaxing time.   If you do the math and full the boat this is a better value than the big cruise ships.   I recommend the Extasea catamaran highly and Mike and Lesley even higher!!

Maurice C

Guests aboard EXTASEA in mid March, 2016, wrote:

Phenomenal! Spectacular! Magnificent! Memorable! The Best! Wateriffic! Beyond Fantastic! These are our thoughts about this trip. We have been so blessed to have you both as our crew. Too many pounds to take home but reflects Lesley’s meals from her small kitchen – Superb !! Thank you both for your hospitality and being so accommodating. You made our week in paradise very memorable.

Sue, Beth, John, Rich, Ted and Sherry

Guests aboard EXTASEA in early March, 2016, said:

Jeri said:

First, I can’t thank you enough for recommending Mike and Lesley Blamey and the Nova yacht charter. They were very fun and the perfect hosts–Mike gave the helm to my husband so he got his sailing fix, the meals were nothing less than superb, provisioning and accommodations outstanding, and the itinerary perfect with lots of flexibility for guest input. By the way, Mike has an amazing music library too. We were so pampered! This was indeed the vacation of a lifetime!

Having said that, we’d all like to charter with them again for a second “vacation of a lifetime!” and will be in contact with you about that.

Ingo said:

This charter experience far exceeded my expectations. You clearly recommended to us the very best charter boat captain and mate. They are fantastic to say the least. Their attention to all of our desires, needs and wishes was superb. The food and drink selection was exceptional! Leslie could easily be a master chef at a top of the line restaurant. We still don’t understand how she could manage everything else in addition to exquisite cuisine. Mike instilled in all of us a quiet sense of confidence, solicited our input on daily decisions and provided us with outstanding recommendations when we were undecided. He did so with humor and consideration for all of our needs. He also handled the many boat chores with great aplomb and competence. As a competent sailor in my own right with decades of experience with much offshore sailing experience on our own 45 ft yacht I was very impressed at Mike’s sailing and yacht management experience. Nova is a delight with Mike and Leslie! We are contemplating a future charter with Nova next year.

Wayne said:

Peg and I echo Ingo’s comments – Mike and Leslie made this wonderful vacation even more special. The food, sailing, entertainment and general ambiance significantly exceeded our expectations! Mike even let Ingo take the helm for much of our true sailing! The rest of us were more than content to just relax.Thanks again for your wonderful recommendation!

Tish said:

Ditto from Fred and me. Honestly, we hadn’t done this before so weren’t sure what to expect exactly. However, for the price we expected a pretty amazing experience and Mike and Lesley really delivered. We were NOT disappointed! Mike and Lesley were so warm and welcoming and we connected with them quickly.We can’t say enough about the food, as you can see, and we were totally confident in Mike’s skills as a Captain. We had a bit of wind and chop on one or two days and we were never anything but totally comfortable.Our vacation was totally relaxing, altogether amazing, and we can’t wait to plan our next trip on Nova!


22/01/14 – 29/03/14

Your gracious hosting isbeyond comparison.    This week has been a wonderful (heartfelt) memory.

Thank you for sharing thiscelebration and adding “vibey” excitement.    This wasfantastic bliss!

Chef Lesley =  pleasecome to NYC and open a restaurant (make the world a better, happier place!!)

The best vacation EVER!! You are masterful at your craft and the ultimate host and hostess!

Our WAVES trip BVI 2014 will never be forgotten – including our last Dark n Stormy night.

For me you are the yin & yang of the sea.  Our 7 days upon Nova was and forever will be a beautiful shared experience for Catamaran aka Caren, Donasea aka Donna and Searose aka Rosemary

May we meet again by landand by sea.



15/03/14 – 21/03/14

We had a fabulous time and enjoyed the fantastic scenery as much as the spectacular food and great drinks.

The diving was phenomenal and all 4 of us appreciated your constant patience and consideration.

We look forward to cruising w/y’all again soon.

Your hospitality was awesome.   We could not have dreamed of a better vacation with such wonderful, fun, lovely people.

Thank you for everything – it has been great!!





01/03/14 – 08/03/14

What a fabulous trip and vacation!   We couldn’t have imagined a better experience.   We loved getting to know you both –

your family history, your boating history, you wonderful personalities!!

The food was out of thisworld, as were the painkillers!!

We are already thinking about our next trip with Y’all!!

Luv ya lots!

P.S. We so loved meeting all your South African friends!

P.S.S. Can we be adopted as South Africans?



29/04/15 – 06/05/15

Mike and “Muffy” – Thank you for hosting one of the most amazing weeks of our lives.    The food was absolutely delicious.    From the alligator wrestling to the endless fire fighting banter and three full moons over Extas-sea!   We had a blast.   Cheers!!



12/04/15 – 19/04/15

You two have been amazing hosts! From the moment we boarded to this our last day, our time has been full of great food, fun, exploring, wonderful fellowship, laughter, exchanging stories and beautiful sites and vistas around every turn.   Your expertise in guiding our experience here through the BVI is very appreciated from snorkeling to site seeing, to hiking, dancing, your advice for places to go and take in the best of BVI has been an experience we will treasure always.   Bruno Mars and Farrel Williams have nothing on you two.   Les you are truly a gourmet chef and Mike we never had a worry getting from place to place.   You are both such quality human beings, we always felt welcome. Wonder cannot describe what an amazing trip –    Had a blast!


02/04/15 – 11/04/15

Thank you for a fabulous vacation.   We had an amazing time and loved getting to know you.   The food was delicious!  The snorkeling amazing.   Each spot we visited will be cemented in our memories – just beautiful and a definite highlight was the watersports with Mike and the boys 360 competitions.   We certain our paths will cross again.   Lots of Love.


26/03/15 – 01/04/15

Thank you for sharing your home with us.  We wish our time here was longer.   Such an amazing few days! The memories we created will stay with us forever, therefore you two will always be a part of our lives.   Thank you for making us all fell so welcome, the wonderful food, the late night talks and letting Mark pretend to be Captain.   We will be back some day!!!


20/03/15  –  25/03/15

You have been the most gracious hosts.   We enjoyed every minute, every meal, and every stage.  Thank you so much for everything.   We have wonderful memories and we’ll miss you two.           The week went by in a blur, your have been the greatest of hosts.   Lesley your meals were a phenomenon.   Thank you both for a wonderful trip, wish it could have been longer!   Going to miss you both!!      Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your stories with us.    You will truly be missed – till we meet again


11-03-15 – 18-3-15
Phenomenal! Spectacular! Magnificent! Memorable! The Best! Waterrific! Beyond Fantastic –
These are our thoughts about this trip. We have been so blessed to have you both as our crew. To many
pounds to take home, but reflects Lesley’s meals from her small kitchen – Superb! Thank you both for your hospitality and being so accommodating. You made our week in paradise very Memorable.


22-2-15 – 1-3-15
If there is a heaven on earth I think the Extasea got us closest to it!! Thanks for a terrific week of great
sailing, great food and great company.



15-2-15 – 21-2-15
Truly an amazing trip. Your hospitality was outstanding, food was exceptional. It was the best of everything.
Thanks again for such a wonderful time. We will certainly use your services in the future.


31-1-15 – 7-2-15
Thank you so much for a wonderful and memorable vacation! You both were so hospitable and warm!
The food was exceptional and we really feel that you showed us the best of everything. We hope to
return again soon!

Thank you for such a worderful week! Everything was just wonderful. You certainly exceeded all of our expectations. Hopefully we can someday meet again in this place I call paradise
Jack and Pam


DSC00778 (Large)
2-10-13 – 4-10-13
We had a BLAST!!!
Great Snorkeling, GREAT food!!
Great Drinks! Great Friends! Great Diving!
Thank you for the BEST vacation of our lives!!
We will be back
Loved every moment


21-6-13 to 29 -6-13
Didn’t know life could be this much fun!! Both of you made our trip more enjoyable than we could ever have imagined. Fabulous Boat, and Fabulous Food!! and the (booze) made everyday seem like true paradise. We do not want to leave. To anyone who ever is lucky enough to be a part of your lives on the boat or off, are very lucky people. We will be back!!
Good Luck with everything
Love Molly and Jeff


Arevello Family (Large)

3-6-13 to 8-6-13 10th WEDDING ANIVERSARY!!

What a wonderful trip! We can’t thank you enough for the amazing food and generous hospitality. We will never forget this awesome time on the EXTASEA!! You made a mini captain out of Josh and a Mermaid out of Marley. We hope to do this again with you in the near future!! Maybe another anniversary

With Love
The Arevellos


Crew Family (Large)10-5-13  to  17 – 5 13
Mike and Lesley
Thank you so much for an amazing week .  Everything from the food, to activities, to the lovely company was AWESOME!!It has truly been a wonderful experience I will never forget.   I hope one day we will be able to join you again. – Kelsey

I had a FABULOUS time!!  I do not want to go back home   This is definitely on of my favorite vacations ever and one I will never forget.   Thank you so much for showing us around the islands.   Every part of this trip was completely amazing!!!
Thank you so much –  Kaitland

Thank you, I will take great pleasure in remembering this for the rest of my life.   May the sun keep shining and the wind blow steady and maybe one day it will bring us back together – Colin

Dear Dingy captain, and mooring ball hooker, thank you so much for the experience. The sights were amazing, the food absolutely delicious. Truly a once in a lifetime vacation – Caleb

Ditto everything – Thank you – Tammy.


22-4-13 to 29-4 13Richter Family (Large)
Thank you for a fabulous trip!! We had the time of our lives and memories that will last a lifetime! We cannot imagine a better Captain and Cook and tour guides. You are always welcome in the States!


10/03/13 to 16/03/13.
Mc Donald Family (Large)
Mike and Lesley
What can be said about the most wonderful week spent with our new friends. We’re enjoyed your and our cruise so much. Lesley you are a wonderful cook and we have enjoyed your meals so much. Mike, you have been a wonderful captain, bartender and inspiration to our boys. It has been a most memorable and special time spent here on the Extasea. Check the closets we may be hiding on board!!
We will miss you, see you again soon!!
Lots of love
Donna, Stephen, Steve, Sean and Ryan

MARCH 10 – 16/13
Mike and Lesley
Thank you for the most incredible week in the BVI! You have been the most incredible host/friends – we exceeded our expectations by 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,003 times. Lesley you have been the most hospitable, awesome, down to earth host possible and I really hope you come to the Cape to make so more dark and stormy’s with us. Mike, you’re da man! Lesley, best cook ever!.
Thanks so much
Sean Mc Donald


IMG_0342 (Large)
21/01/13 – 06/02/13
3rd time on the Extasea – and it just gets better everytime!! The last two week we felt like we are at home. We are now the undisputed record holders (in each category) – the Big 5D’s – Diving, Drinking, Dancing, Discussing and Diceing.
Thanks for all – Great Diving, serving drinks and awesome meals, watersports and showing us the beautiful places of the BVI’s – But most of all THANKS for your friendship!!
We will be back – See you again soon – ASAP!! Friends Forever.
Eva, Karl, Werner and Sabine
Vienna, Austria


26/12/12 to 03/01/13
Over the past week “Extasea” has become like a second home to us. It has been simply amazing getting to travel with you and experience so many new things. This has been and adventure we will never forget. Mike and Lesley, thank you very much for welcoming us on board your lovely boat. Thanks you for the great food and exceedingly good conversation. Thank your for sharing stories with us and your favorite snorkel places, and the diverse music, and letting us sail your boat. We certainly want to come back and see you again, and the rest of the BVI.
Much love, sincerely,
The Bauer family
Calgary, Canada


Charles Walters + Cathrine Pearce (Large)

16/11/12 – 24/11/12

Dear Lesley and Mike
Thank you so much for a wonderful “8” nights!!
We had such a fantastic time and loved the snorkeling, diving and watersports day! Your hospitality and warmth made us feel like family and we couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing and enjoyable stay. Lesley your cooking far exceeded our expectations and everything was delicious – thanks for going the extra mile for the “pescatarians”!!!
Hope to see you both again soon back here on the Extasea.
Much Love


6th – 13/04/13

We were hoping for the adventure of our lives. We experienced that and much, much more. We made close friends, saw beauty beyond words, and made memories for life. We all were constantly smiling happy, from the youngest (10) to oldest (66), which is a feat these days. We learned to snorkel and ski, and even a little about how to sail. Michael and Lesley were excellent guides, and the most gracious hosts. A five-star experience for all of us. It’s very hard to revert back to “real life.”